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K-POP is now becoming a common noun.

It has developed into a genre that people around the world listen to, taking control of Europe and the United States beyond China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Digital Equal Rights

KPOP culture enjoyed by people all over the world.

The key currency of culture

Global entertainment content market


Fandom and funding platforms for artists

KPOP COIN Ecosystem


Create content to activate projects
Direct investment in projects using coins
Composed of a group of sponsors, fandom or fan club.
Collection of short-term, medium-term and long-term content and planned content
Basic means of currency participating in transactions, rewards, funding, etc. within an ecosystem;
Crypto financial platform that enables deposit of coins, revenue payments, etc.
Eco system


K-POP Brand


After 2020, the center of cultural trends around the world is K-POP.



Leading the untact culture in the post-corona era!

The goal is to secure more than 10 million to 100 million global fandom!

Establishment of Korean Wave fandom culture and growth into a cultural powerhouse!



K-POP COIN allocation

coin allocation

Token information

Issued volume 7,000,000,000 (7 billion)  
Ticker KPOP  
Coin name KPOP  
ETH Contract address  

Token distribution

- Percentage Volume
Equity of the founder’s (rich club) 50% 35 billion
Multinational branch network 10% 7 billion
Fan club ( Global ) 30% 21 billion
Market volume 10% 7 billion

Our Roadmap


2 Quater

2 Quater

- KPOP COIN Probit Global Listed

- Beyond Entertainment Agreement (Use KPOP performances and materials around the world, operate in 24 countries)

- Operation of K-POP Youtube channel and issue special issue of K-POP TIMES

- KPOP Project White paper and Homepage Upgrade

- Non-face-to-face K-POP performances (Europe, Russia)

3 Quater

3 Quater

- Non-face-to-face K-POP performances (Argentina, Chile, Vietnam)

- Proceeding with a number of Korean entertainment agencies/entertainment collaboration contracts

4 Quater

4 Quater

- K-POP coin to be listed on the global exchange

- Non-face-to-face K-POP performances (Philippines, USA, UK)

- K-POP Awards to be held

Meet Our Team

Kiwhal Park Chairman K-POP TIMES Publisher
Chairman of the KPOP Supporters Group
Representative of KPOP Holdings
Chairman of the KPOP Hallyu Cultural Foundation
Hojin Kim advisor Director of the Korea Digital Monetary Association.
Swiss University of International Tourism Ended
Doctor of Engineering, University of Illinois (Urbana Sampain).
Professor at Peking University
Dongsu Ahn advisor Co.) Senior Vice President of the Korea Blockchain Business Promotion Association
Representative author of "Easy to Know Bitcoin Virtual Currency"
Vice President of KBS
Jeongwoo Lee advisor Chairman of Myeset Asset Management
Hana Financial Group Advisor
Vice President of Seoul University of Foreign Studies
Chairman of the Korea Herald Publishers
Jeonghyeon Ra Planning Director Current Economic Publisher and Representative Reporter
Secretary-General of the Seoul Economic Union
Secretary-General of the Fragrance of Thought.
World Design Award Grand Prix
Taehyeon Ki CTO Professor of Information Security at Seoul Women's University
Professor of Cybersecurity at Ewha Womans University
Professor of Cybersecurity at Yeungnam University of Technology
BCS (Blockchain Security) CEO
Kangsan Lee Operation Manager General Manager of K-POP Holdings
CEO of L&L Corporation
FNC Global MBC Network Co., Ltd.
distribution division of Highway Mart
Sungkwang Kim Performance Manager CEO of HaEun Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Director of JoEun Entertainment
CEO of MBC Academy of Broadcasting and Arts.
Professor of Broadcasting Management at International University.